Technology Development In The Field Of LCD

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Technology Development In The Field Of LCD

Feb. 06, 2021

Over the years, the company's service tenet is to help customers develop. It has formed the market positioning of high reliability product customization in the field of industrial products and providing customers with one-stop solutions, which has won wide praise from excellent enterprises at home and abroad.

Whether it is monochrome LCD, monochrome LCD module LCM, or color TFT LCD, touch integrated display module, and integrated display interface development platform software system screen products.


VA products

The background color of conventional TN / STN products can not be pure black, and the background transmittance is high, which affects the improvement of contrast. In contrast, VA type LCD can achieve pure black and ultra-high contrast, which is the "color responsibility" of monochrome LCD industry, especially in vehicle electronics, home appliances, elevators and other industries. The company is the first in the industry to solve the problem of screen network light leakage, and the first to realize the research and development of full view VA products. At present, its high path VA products are still in the leading position in the industry, providing high-end supporting solutions for customers in all walks of life.

 Technology Development In The Field Of LCD


Monochrome LCD integrated with touch keys

Part of the human-computer interaction interface only needs a limited number of fixed touch keys, which can be integrated into the monochrome LCD, so as to realize the lightweight of electronic products through integration. The company's monochrome LCD with integrated touch keys greatly improves the reliability and design life of keys, and realizes the best combination of high sensitivity and anti-interference, which can be widely used in industrial control, instrument and other related industries.

Technology Development In The Field Of LCD

Segment code color screen

The company can realize the colorization of some display fields in three ways: color screen printing, field sequence color (FSC) and polarization reflection technology. The fixed field can display different colors on the positive LCD and the negative LCD respectively to complete the low-cost design scheme of colorization.

Technology Development In The Field Of LCD 

System screen

System screen is a kind of TFT device which can reduce the difficulty of interface development and improve the interface interaction. It has many advantages, such as simple entry, high development efficiency and its own "operating system". It integrates the company's independent development of the upper computer software, customers do not need professional programmers can design a beautiful display interface, to provide customers with simple and easy-to-use products, shorten the customer development cycle.

Technology Development In The Field Of LCD 

Total solution

The company can provide one-stop service and complete the turnkey project. The company's strong R & D team can provide customers with fast professional services, solve customers' design and process problems, and make the company a reliable partner.

We always adhere to the spirit of sharing the latest technology and cutting-edge products with domestic and foreign counterparts, and continue to create greater value for our partners through technology research and development and product customization.

Technology Development In The Field Of LCD


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