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We are a leading provider of Internet of things infrastructure and intelligent terminals in the field of wireless intelligent application technology, with the strategy of continuous independent R & D and product innovation.

Our vision and mission is to build an intelligent world with everything interconnected, through the collaborative sensing technology of human-computer dialogue, data acquisition and edge discipline. The company has the domestic leading core technology of wireless Internet of things platform, and supports multiple modes of wireless communication system data processing.

In the field of environmental monitoring, power monitoring and intelligent garage, we have many years of technical ability and experience. Based on the core value needs of customers, solve practical problems and provide technical support and solutions for intelligent application industry.

Corporate vision

Focus on IOT technology to promote intelligent life

Core Values: Openness, Collaboration, and Shared Success

We insist on opening borders, shaking hands with the world, building a symbiotic business ecosystem with our partners, and jointly promoting the accelerated development of the digital world and the intelligent world, so as to benefit all people more.

Development history

In 2017, we entered into the field of Internet of things and remote monitoring, and successively developed wireless dynamic environment monitoring system, Internet of things information collection system, garage intelligent management system, and applied Internet of things technology more and more widely in our life.

In 2015, the company began to develop in the field of intelligent control power supply, and its products are exported to the Middle East, Russia and other countries.

In 1997, we focused on the LCD industry and accumulated a lot of technology and experience. Through investment and equity participation, the company has the production resources of small and medium-sized LCD panels and LCD modules. At present, the products have been widely used in various display fields, and are long-term partners of many customers at home and abroad.

Contract Spirit

It Is The Sign Of A Great Covenant Between Man And God.

We don’t make a contract easily, but when we make it,we must keep that.Integrity is the very essential to a person.

The ideal cooperation is as delicious as eating cheese, which can always bring memories of life. Please bless our future.

Cooperative partner

Company Profile


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