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Wireless intelligent routing solution for cooperative sensing

With the continuous popularization of personal intelligent wearable and portable health monitoring devices and the continuous improvement of the informatization degree of smart city, in various public areas, commercial service places, communities and families of smart city, a kind of peripheral intelligent service resources based on the new generation of wireless Internet of things, which is closer to the "people-oriented" idea, is needed, including positioning and identification , monitoring, monitoring and related information.


For all kinds of monitoring and monitoring services for service objects, they are information interaction services based on user identity recognition, location tracking, status monitoring and related event trigger response, which realize a variety of rich and colorful on-site and remote intelligent information services.


As a service node, the intelligent gateway equipment and wireless intelligent sensing technology of Internet of things will be more and more widely used in positioning and tracking, environmental monitoring, health monitoring, security monitoring and other application fields, and further used to realize intelligent integrated systems in various industries, such as smart health, smart campus, smart community, smart energy, smart logistics and so on.


Wireless intelligent routing solution for cooperative sensing

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