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Solution of greenhouse environment monitoring system

Managers can check the real-time values of various environmental parameters of the greenhouse at any time through computers or smart phones. When the relevant parameters exceed the limit, an alarm message is sent to remind the manager to take corresponding measures, and the computer or smart phone can send control instructions to the relevant equipment to realize the remote control of the greenhouse.

1、Program overview

Intelligent agricultural greenhouse environment monitoring system is based on traditional server or cloud server platform and intelligent sensor network technology (2.4G, 433M, GPRS, NB-IOT, etc.), and adopts intelligent gateway of Internet of things, intelligent measurement and control device, environmental monitoring sensor, etc., to realize heat preservation, moisture preservation, light regulation, light regulation, skylight, side window switch, soil temperature and humidity, CO2 concentration, soil pH value, wind speed, etc Real time acquisition, wireless transmission, monitoring and control of the growth environment parameters of greenhouse crops, such as speed, wind direction, rainfall and so on.

Solution of greenhouse environment monitoring system

2、Hardware introduction

The system consists of IOT data acquisition gateway, intelligent converter (touch screen transfer), intelligent collector, switch output module, intelligent temperature and humidity sensor, carbon dioxide sensor, illumination sensor and other hardware products. The sensor collects the greenhouse environment data and uploads it to the platform through the data collector. According to the parameters set in advance, the platform controls the automatic equipment to achieve the purpose of greenhouse environment regulation.

Solution of greenhouse environment monitoring system 

3、Platform display

Through wireless connection between the main control center and the greenhouse controller, the changes of indoor lighting, soil temperature and humidity, carbon dioxide, air greenhouse and other parameters can be accurately displayed. System monitoring and control, through manual or automatic control skylight, side window, internal sunshade, internal insulation, fan, wet curtain and other equipment on and off state; parameter setting, to achieve automatic control of all the parameters (wind speed, light, soil temperature, soil moisture, air temperature and humidity, internal shading, internal insulation, lighting, fill light, target temperature, target light, sprinkler irrigation) to set, full Meet the requirements of automation.

Solution of greenhouse environment monitoring system 

4、Functional advantages

(1)、Real time monitoring: air temperature, air humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, light intensity, soil temperature, soil humidity, soil conductivity and other data, and realize the reverse control of greenhouse agricultural equipment, so as to guide production.

(2)、The control part of the standard scheme adopts one to many point-to-point Lora wireless transmission module to realize wireless control, avoid long-distance routing of the control part, and greatly increase the convenience of system deployment.

(3)、It supports private cloud platform customization and local deployment, and can increase or decrease cloud functions according to different project requirements.

Solution of greenhouse environment monitoring system 

5、Application cases

The environmental parameters of greenhouse were collected and monitored.

Solution of greenhouse environment monitoring system 



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