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Air quality early warning and decision support system

System overview:

The air quality prediction, early warning and decision support system adopts numerical prediction models (naqpms, CMAQ, Cmax, WRF Chem, etc.) and statistical prediction models (MLR model, NRA model), and integrates the advanced technologies of Institute of Atmospheric Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing and other scientific research institutions. It can realize air quality prediction and early warning, regional pollution analysis and dynamic assessment of emission reduction effect, and serve the formulation of environmental protection department Scientific emergency emission reduction and pollution prevention measures provide scientific basis for improving air quality.

The system is divided into three subsystems: air quality automatic monitoring subsystem, forecast and early warning management subsystem and comprehensive prevention and control decision subsystem.

The system starts from four dimensions, focusing on monitoring, forecasting, early warning and planning, to achieve air quality forecasting and early warning and formulate long-term environmental quality compliance planning, and finally achieve accurate early warning and long-term effective decision-making and planning objectives.

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